91-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer Trapped Under Stairlift Dies After Foreign Care Staff Unable to Speak English to Emergency Services

Barbara Rymell, a 91-year-old dementia sufferer, tragically passed away after foreign care staff at the Ashley House Residential home in Somerset were unable to communicate with emergency operators. The two caregivers, one Romanian and one Indian, did not speak English and were unable to accurately convey the victim’s condition to responders. According to The Telegraph, […]

Female Israeli Hostage Fights Seven Hamas Terrorists

Surveillance footage recently released by Israel’s Channel 12, with the permission of Amit Soussana, shows the 40-year-old attorney struggling against seven Hamas terrorists as she was dragged away from Kfar Aza on October 7. This community was one of the worst affected in a terror attack that day. According to Reports: On October 7, 2020, […]

Israel Shares 43 Minutes of Brutal Hamas Attacks to Horrified Journalists in Private Screening

On Monday, Israel presented a screening of 43 minutes of shocking crimes committed by Hamas during the October 7 onslaught in southern Israel, which resulted in over 1,400 fatalities. This presentation also included never-before-seen footage. The purpose of this was to counter the growing “Holocaust denial” phenomenon that has been spreading worldwide. We are witnessing […]

Sec of State Blinken Claims Hamas Blocking Americans From Leaving Gaza

On CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that Hamas is preventing Americans and other foreign nationals from leaving Gaza. Host Margaret Brennan asked if there was any chance Israel or Egypt would allow these individuals to exit through either the Rafah Gate or Erez Crossing. In response, Blinken stressed […]

First Image of American Mother and Daughter Hostages Released by Hamas

The Israeli government has released the first photograph of the two American hostages, a mother and daughter, since their release on Friday by Hamas militants who had held them captive in Gaza. The image depicts 59-year-old Judith Tai Raanan and her 17-year-old daughter Natalie Raanan being escorted by IDF soldiers following their liberation. Despite this […]

Former VP, Mike Pence, Blames President Trump for Hamas Attack on Israel

Former Vice President Mike Pence has blamed President Trump and other Republican rivals, primarily Trump, for the attack by Hamas on Israel. In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, Pence stated that due to leading voices like Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis signaling a “retreat” from America’s role as leader of […]

Israel Defense Forces Rescue 48 Hostages from Kibbutz Dining Hall

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) rescued 48 hostages from the dining hall of Kibbutz Be’eri on Saturday, in response to a Palestinian terror attack that occurred on Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the annual High Holy Day cycle. According to Breitbart News, this attack resulted in a minimum of 250 deaths and 1,500 injuries. […]

SCARY: Israel Unveils New AI-Powered Barak Tank

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has recently announced the development of their high-tech “Barak” super tank, which is reportedly equipped with artificial intelligence. According to Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, this costly new weapon system is meant to enhance the IDF’s maneuvering capabilities and demonstrate their technological prowess. The emergence of the new tank heralds […]

LPG Plant In Romania Explodes, Several Firefighters Injured

Today, a tragedy occurred in Crevedia, Romania when an LPG plant exploded. RAW IMAGES captured by TVR operator Mircea Târnăcop show the devastation caused by the powerful second explosion. Viewers should be warned that these images may contain content of a highly emotional nature. WATCH: IMAGINI BRUT cu momentul celei de-a doua explozii de la […]

Disgraced Boris Johnson ‘Amazed and Horrified’ That GOP Listens to Tucker Carlson

Boris Johnson attacked popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his anti-war stances, saying he was “horrified” by how many Republicans listen to him. Speaking to the Atlantic Council, the neoconservative think tank, as part of a wider speaking tour on Wednesday, the former British Prime Minister said that he was “amazed and horrified” by […]

UK Conservative: We Must ‘Face Russia Directly’ Over Ukraine

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood has said that the UK must “face Russia directly” in the conflict in Ukraine. Last month, the fighting capability of the British armed forces came under scrutiny, after a senior US general informed the British Defence Secretary that the Army was no longer seen as “top-level” fighting force by the United […]

Zelensky Panders McCarthy: Ukraine Is ‘Counting on Continued Support, Assistance’

After Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected as Speaker of the House, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not waste in time in congratulating him, and then reminding him that Ukraine is counting on further aid and “continued support” from the United States. “Congratulations to [Kevin McCarrthy] on his election as the Speaker of the [United States] House […]